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The Water Wolf (Great Northern Pike)

Pen and Ink drawing digital reproduction

Black and White Wall Art  - Illustration reproduction of Scottish flora and wildlife  with Papuan and Pacific Islander Patterns 

11 3/4 “ x 16 1/2” 297mm x 420mm

(Comes with matt board and backing)


The Water Wolf is one of the largest freshwater fish found in the UK. They inhabit rivers, lochs and canals throughout Scotland. While they are a fearsome predator feeding on salmon, frogs, insects and water birds. 


The Great Northern Pike is sometimes referred to as The Water Wolf, because the fish is known for hunting in packs. While these predatory fish have little to fear in their natural surroundings there is a potential for overfishing as a reduction in numbers have been reported in recent years.

(Frame not included)

The Water Wolf -Great Northern Pike (Limited Edition Print)

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