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Cathy MacLeod

Street Illustrations & Design

Paper & JamART

Cathy works with traditional art media and digital art technology. She completed her studies in graphic design with CATC Design School Brisbane, Australian.


Born in a small mission village called Veifa’a Mekeo in the Central Province of Papua New Guinea.  Cathy’s family relocated to Cairns, Australia in the early 70’s. She was raised with her three brothers and sister immersed in Australian, Papuan and Torres Strait Islander tradition and culture. Cathy married her high school sweetheart Scottish born Rory MacLeod in 1992 and moved to Scotland in 2015.


Her style is influenced by her Pacific Islander heritage and husband’s Scottish culture. She enjoys making jam, drawing, printmaking and silk painting. To see Cathy's portfolio click on the link below.

Scots Pine Series - Birds
Horse Of The Forest
Village Life PNG Story board
VillageLife Storey board 1
Bread Fruit
Coloured Stones
Poster Designs
Steppen wolf Book cover design
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