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Paper & Jam Artists In Residence 

Paper & Jam Contemporary Art & Design are committed to maintaining tradition, cultural and spiritual beliefs through a range of craft, contemporary art and design. 

Our artists are from the Scottish Highlands, Papua New Guinea and Australian Indigenous communities of Far North Queensland. 

Jim Pennie

You will find Jim in the picturesque village of Cromarty Village on the Black Isle covered in dust from the days woodturning. Jim works from his shed where he has been perfecting his craft for more than 22 years.


Jim creates beautifully handmade bowls, platters, goblets, candlesticks, lamps and more. 

Daphne de Jersey
Wei'num Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts & Craft Corporation

Daphne came into painting in 2004 and participated in the early Western Cape Artists program in Mapoon.


The sale of her first painting shortly afterwards to a wealthy business owner in Australia.

Cathy MacLeod
Paper & JamART

Freelance Graphic Artist and Illustrator. Cathy MacLeod from Street Illustrations & Design / Paper & JamART works with parent company Paper & Jam Limited to offer a range of graphic design & illustration services.

Marsha Hall
Wei'num Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts & Craft Corporation

Marsha from the Thanakwithi tribe, was always artistic and creative from a very young age. 

Her work is inspired by the five clan groups of the Weipa region.


Marsha's latest work utilises a contemporary colour scheme, much different to her previous traditional natural ochre hues.

Margaret Mara
Wei'num Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts & Craft Corporation

Margaret Mara (nee de Jersey) draws inspiration from the immediate events in her life.


Margaret reflects on the environment, family stories, life in the Cape, emotions and anything else that affects her as an individual.

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