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Red Squirrels in the Pines 

Scots Pine Series

Pen and Ink drawing digital reproduction

Black and White Wall Art  - Illustration reproduction of Scottish flora and forna with Papuan and Pacific Islander Patterns 

11 3/4 “ x 16 1/2” 297mm x 420mm

(Comes with matt board and backing)


Native to Scotland this little creatures numbers are in steady decline as they compete with the  introduced Grey squirrels for breading habitat and food. 


The Grey squirrels is also a carrier of Squirrel-pox, a virus that has no ill effect to its self but is catastrophic to the Red squirrels population, as they have no natural immunity to the virus and causes death within a couple of weeks.


(Frame not included)

Red Squirrels in the Pines  (Limited Edition Print)

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