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Digital Artwork

Finally it's done! I've come to the conclusion digital illustration takes just as long as hand drawn artwork. So what's the difference you ask?

As a graphic artist I use both traditional and digital media to create images. Over the past few weeks I have used Adobe Illustrator to create this digital drawing of a Scottish Haddock. All the line art was entered using the pen tool feature and my Wacom tablet.

In the digital world this type of drawing is called a vector graphic. Which is great, because I can manipulate the digital drawing to any size I want without the image becoming distorted. This means I can apply the image to anything I want; like fabric, metal, wood, paper, mugs ect.

I've been using Illustrator for almost 6 years now and I've only just scratched the surface.

Image 2 is hand drawn

Image 3 is the vector graphic

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