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Wei'num Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts & Crafts

Paper & Jam Limited are proud to introduce three artists from Wei'num Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts & Craft Corporation; Daphne De Jersey, Margaret Mara and Marsha Hall who are currently showcasing in our online gallery.

Wei'num art centre was founded in 2010 by five artists for Napranum, Weipa and Mapoon located in Western and Northern Cape York Queensland Australia The art centre was set up to empower indigenous artist from this region to help create and economic certainty within the local community and the artist families, and to showcase the artist's own unique individual

creative style.

The art centre also provides education, training opportunities in art practice, employment, business skills and much, much more. For More information on Daphne, Margaret and Marsha check out their artist profiles in our online gallery.

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