Artisan Jams & Jellies 

Christmas Order Form 2021 available for Dundee, Edinburgh & Inverness

Paper & Jam Limited create a beautiful selection of jellies, jam and marmalade inspired by the unique flavours of Scotland, the Pacific Islands and Australia. Our artisan preserve makers choose the finest quality ingredients to give you a taste sensation like never before. 

Our ranges of savoury preserves are designed to accompany mouth watering savoury meat, vegetarian, vegan and sweet dishes and are the perfect accompaniment to cheese boards and entertainment platters.


We inspire you to create, not just cook.

Paper & Jam the art of making jam...  

New stock coming mid August. If you are interested in purchasing any preserves listed that are not in stock please get in touch. We can do a special order for you.

Black Label Preserves
Red pepper & Chilli Jam

Beautiful fragrant jam with the aroma of chilli, ginger and notes of sweet apples.

A mouth watering medium heat sweet chilli flavour that awakens the taste buds and leaves you wanting more.


Perfect complement to cheese boards, spring rolls, burgers and Asian inspired dish.

Pink Grapefruit & Lime Marmalade

A delectable bitter marmalade that’s not too sweet on the palate, with a bold citrus aroma.  Beautiful rich texture and colour, full of tangy fruity flavour.


The perfect breakfast marmalade or glaze for BBQ spiced chicken wings and Christmas ham.  An old fashioned recipe, the way marmalade used to taste.

Apple & Star Anise Jelly

Smooth velvety fusion of spice and apple. A playful jelly that makes you smile.

Enjoy the sweetness of apple fused with the exotic taste of star anise (aniseed flavour).

This jelly can be enjoyed either sweet in cakes and biscuits or as a substitute to apple sauce with your Sunday roast, Asian dishes or with gourmet pork and sage sausages rolls.

Lemon Grass & Ginger Jelly

Fresh sharp, tangy fusion of lemon grass, lemon and ginger inspired by the Pacific islands.  A flavourful jelly with bite that awakens your senses.

To be enjoyed with mouthwatering Asian, fish or chicken dishes or why not be daring and add to your favourite cheese cake recipe.

Scottish Rowan & Apple Jelly *

Beautiful rich red in colour this delicious seasonal jelly is packed full of flavour.


Harvested in the autumn months in Scotland the fruit can be found dotted throughout the country side, in back yard gardens and lining the streets of cities and villages.  

Enjoy this exquisite jelly with roasted game bird, venison or your favourite cheese with a glass of wine.   "This is a seasonal Jelly and is available  late August  while stocks last."

Blackberry & Juniper Jelly *

This delicious jelly is the perfect compliment to cheese boards, roasted game, venison and sliced deli

meat sandwiches.

Plump sweet blackberries are partnered with fragrant juniper berries and thyme to create a fruity taste on your palette that finishes with a sharp 

resinous,  piney flavour with a hint of citrus.*This is a seasonal Jelly and is available from August while stocks last "